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How to Start Your Accounting and Tax Year Right

As a small business owner, you know that January signals you’re about to get knee-deep in your tax year: that means diving into 1099s, W2s, payroll taxes, sales taxes, reconciliations, and business taxes. You […]

A Case Study: How Using ProConnect Tax Online and QuickBooks Online Can Benefit Your Practice

We know moving to the cloud (really, moving from any tax and accounting software to another) isn’t easy, so why do tax professionals and accountants do it? What are the challenges and motivations they […]

What’s Due On January 31st For Small Business Owners?

January is one of the BIGGEST and most stressful tax deadline months all year. If you are a business owner, there are critical accounting processes and tax forms that you need to complete. You […]

Choosing a small business accountant

You are a business owner who needs help with business finances but does not know where to start. You have heard several financial professional services tossed around like: Bookkeeper Financial Accountant Tax professional Financial […]

Offering Tax Services to Self-Employed Clients

Have you considered preparing taxes for your Schedule C self-employed clients, but were told it is too scary? Are you interested in increasing your profitability by extending your service offerings to Simple Schedule C […]

Have You Filed All Tax Forms & Payment Due This Month?

The following tax forms are due this month (Fed & CA due dates ONLY) WHAT’S DUE ON JANUARY 15TH 4th Quarter Personal Estimated Taxes – Use Form 1040 ES OR IRS Direct Pay. If […]

2014 Bonus Check Will Save Taxes and Avoid Penalties

Cut your bonus check by 12/31 Payroll Bonuses are a great way to catch up on income tax withholdings and confirm that you have paid enough taxes to avoid underpayment penalties. How Much Is […]

December is Perfect Time to Consider New Payroll Service

A New Year, A New Payroll & A Fresh Start Now is the Time to Decide Key Factors to Consider when  Starting or Switching Payroll Providers   Thinking about changing payroll services? Will you […]

All Corp & Partnership Tax Returns due Sept 15th

Business Taxes are Due September 15, 2014   Did you know that you can be penalized for not filing your 2013 business taxes by the extended deadline? Remember, you are REQUIRED to file your […]

Have You Paid Your California $800 Minimum Franchise Tax?

APRIL 15TH TAX DEADLINE!! For those of you who own businesses, please keep in mind there is a very important item that is easily missed during tax time which may cause unnecessary penalties ~ […]