Public Educator

Mariette Martinez is an excellent presenter and fun.

Lee J, Springville, UT

Mariette Martinez was very enjoyable & pleasant. Great teaching personality to keeping it full of energy while providing needed information

Lori E, Bakersfield, CA

Mariette was very enthusiastic and influenced my view of the Self-Employed app. I have several clients that could benefit from this so I am going to reach out to them to see if I can get them on board as a result of her effective presentation.

Julia E (CPA Academy Attendee- QuickBooks Self-Employed)

Very nice introduction to all the Quickbooks online offerings. It was good to hear that QB has an integrated tax solution add value to our bookkeeping business and add another revenue stream.

Elizabeth H,(CPA Academy Attendee- Intuit Accountants Tools)

Mariette has an incredible passion for educating and serving people in the gig economy. The tips regarding providing accounting and tax advice are beautifully simple and practical. Bravo, Mariette! Keep educating!

Vasyl K (CPA Academy Attendee - Working With Gig Economy)

Mariette Martinez's presentation of QuickBooks Self-Employed Specialty Training was excellent. She was very through, the information was well organized and presented and she included so many helpful tips and worksheets. She gives you everything you need to succeed! Thank you Mariette!

Debbie S. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Mariette was just delightful. She kept your attention to all of the details. Great job Mariette!

Ron O. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Mariette Martinez is an excellent presenter. She makes it easy to listen to a 90-minute webinar. She is high-energy, positive, and knowledgeable.

Anne M. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Ms. Martinez was a great speaker. She had a complete understanding of the subject matter. Please have her back again.

JULIUS K. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Intuit has definitely found the right kind of instructor in Mariette Martinez. She clearly respects the Intuit family of products and enjoys sharing her excitement with others. She's easy to listen to and speaks in every day lingo.

Jill O.

Mariette Martinez is amazing. She is very knowledgeable in QuickBooks.

Charles Sugrim (CUNY York College)

I took Mariettes Mastering QuickBooks Seminar at the Landscape Industry Show and it was Awesome!

Matt King

Mariette, you were the very first person I stumbled across when I chose to expand my tax business earlier this year. I had not heard many of the buzz words that are so common to my vocabulary now. My world started to open up as I...

Catina Borgmann Tongish

As the educational coordinator for the 2017 Landscape Industry Show, I found Mariette Martinez to be extremely responsive, low maintenance and fun to work with. The nearly 80 green industry professionals (office staff and owners and managers of small to medium businesses) who attended her two...

John S.

Mariette's enthusiasm is contagious. She actually makes learning accounting and tax information FUN. Her classes are well suited for all ages and level of experience. As a young college student, I no longer feel intimidated by subjects such as these. I feel empowered to self-educate and...

Cecilia A.

Small Business Strategist

Five +++++++ If I could rate her higher I absolutely would. I have been a small business owner for years and I've gone through countless accounting professionals until I found Mariette. She is an answer to prayer! For the first time I found someone who took...

Lauren Robles

Mariette is the best! I would rate her higher if I could! I recently started a business buying and selling houses as a Real Estate Investor. The problem was that I had no experience in business and studied biology and physiology while in school. She not...

Alex Valdez

Mariette is more than a trusted partner giving our mutual clients personalized and quality bookkeeping services; she goes above and beyond to stay abreast of the latest trends in technology. Mariette Martinez EA truly incarnates what it means to be "The Firm of the Future." As...

Sean Salas

I have been working on my books with Mariette for four years now. This is the second company I have worked on books with Mariette. I keep her close whenever I start a new job.... She is fast, professional, fair, knowledgeable, and willing to help with...

Brenda O.

Mariette has been a great help and asset to our business! She has been professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Susie H.

Mariette is super star at taxes and Quickbooks! We have been using her business tax and Quickbooks services for the last two years and extremely happy with her knowledge and quality of work. She is great at keeping you informed, responsive and professional. We are fortunate...

Teri D.

After only one initial consultation, I am more than impressed with Mariette - I am grateful. After struggling with QuickBooks on my own for a year and getting the runaround from my previous bookkeeper, she is a godsend. In one meeting, she asked (and listened!) about...

Mark J.

Both my wife and myself have enjoyed working with Mariette in the development and implementation of a QuickBooks process which meets our company's specific needs. She has a grassroots approach which moved us very quickly from the fundamentals to the nearly completed process which we are...

Stephen A.

From the moment I met Mariette, I knew she was the best! She was well prepared and concerned that she addressed every one of my needs. She also is a very good trainer with lots of patience. As a new QuickBooks user, it can seem overwhelming,...

Sherri S.

7 letters with dashes! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We can't express how grateful we are to have met Mariette! She is such an advocate for us and our company. We were amazed how quickly she was able to help us reconcile a years worth of accounting and get all...

Melina T.

Mariette is great! She's an expert at Quickbooks. She set things up so that our data is synced across multiple computers including a Mac and PC. She is very hard working and she has helped us through weekends, even late at night on a Saturday! I...

Derrick L.

OMG, Mariette is the best thing that has happened to me! What a remarkable, knowledgeable professional. Moreover, she is fun to work with. Very,very talented!

Barbara S.

We had gone through several accountants and bookkeepers to assist us with the overwhelming task of converting to QuickBooks. No one could provide us with a clear map as to how this would occur, but more than willing to send us an invoice. Then we discovered...

Katherine W.

Mariette gave us so much information and was an amazing help in setting up our non profit company books. She gave us so much information in a very short time, and gave us some invaluable tips in using Quickbooks. She is an amazing teacher and we...

Robin G.

Mariette is always there and is very reasonable in terms of cost for her service. She does great in QB training, cleaning up the books, tax questions and returns. I use three different CPA firms for various corporations (associations) that I manage only for tax returns,...

Chris L.

Mariette has been great in assisting my company with changing from a payroll company to Quickbooks Payroll. Setting up invoices,time sheets and other payroll related items. Mariette will get the job done.

Charles C.

Tax Professional

Mariette is truly truly amazing. She helped us with 6 years of tax returns and did one heck of a job. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that is seeking tax help. She is very knowledgeable and is able to explain things very clearly. Moreover,...

Drish K.

This is the first year my husband and I have worked with Mariette for our tax returns and we have to say she is great. She walked us through the whole process and gave us plenty of info for future tax returns. We will definitely be...

Channy Z.

She's awesome ! Awesome awesome ! I'm a new client and experienced rip offs and bad tax returns. My old tax guy took forever and would do it old school! She's upto date and on top of everything ! She has a software that can do...

Lizette G.

After relocating from Burbank to Rancho Cucamonga, my husband and I needed a new tax person. I searched Yelp and luckily found Mariette. My husband and I were able to submit all of our tax documents electronically. We visited Mariette's office once to sign the final...

Shae L.

I've gone through a million tax people and Mariette is easily the BEST. She answers emails quickly and is very patient. She is very knowledgable and professional. I don't think I've ever learned so much doing my taxes! She thoroughly explained every line on our documents...

Gigi D.

Thank you Yelpers! What a find Mariette is. I used turbo tax and screwed up my taxes so bad I had the IRS confiscate my bank accounts. She totaly saved my rears! She went back 4 years and fixed all my mistakes and got me out...

Ken C.

Mariette was such an amazing help. I found her on yelp last year and asked for some advise on my taxes that i had filed myself and she gladly helped me. I wasn't expecting her to take the time to help me out, since I figured...

Dani B.

Knowledgeable, Professional and Definitely an EXPERT in her field. I didn't know anything about taxes until Mariette started doing mine. I look forward to keep our business going for many years.

Veridiana S.

Very Professional, knowledgable, friendly and helpful. She is like a teacher, taking her time to explain you step by step and answer any questions. Taxes are always stressful but it was a pleasant experience with Mariette.

Angie C.

Knowledgable, Professional and definitely an EXPERT in her field! I didn’t know anything about taxes until Mariette started doing my taxes. Thank you again for everything that you’ve done and all the great tips on how to organize my business expenses. Looking forward to next years...

Cristalina A.

I highly recommend using Mariette as your loyal tax consultant. As a former TurboTax customer, I realize that not only does Mariette help me yield more tax savings than TurboTax, but she also helps me think about how I can better plan for tax savings in...

Sean S.

Call Mariette ASAP. I wish I had. I found her on-line and after reading her reviews, I decided to set an appointment with her to prepare my personal taxes. My accountant from a popular accredited well known company had made many mistakes costing me thousands in...

Victoria M.

Mariette is an incredible, professional EA. Always accurate and well-versed in the newest tax codes. Mariette started preparing our personal and business taxes after several years of headaches with small and large firms across L.A. Mariette worked several hours on our files to organize and fix...

Marisol M.

Great bookeeper and very qualified IRS Enrolled Agent. Professional, knowledgable, smart, friendly and honest. She's a Keeper!

Fabiola S.