Small Business Advisor

Collaborating with entrepreneurs for business success

Advising on the importance of small business financial management and leveraging technology to work more efficiently


Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed

Proverbs 15:22


My passion is to share first-hand how important building a solid financial management system and leveraging technology to work more effectively will directly advance business growth and long term success. We work together to develop the financial confidence, clarity and know-how to manage your financial dashboard. My consulting sessions and workshops are designed to deep dive into specific financial topics and technologies with the goal to equip Entrepreneurs with a guided road map to meet their S.M.A.R.T. financial business and personal goals.

We also focus on collaborating with strategic partners that have a mission to help small businesses grow and thrive. No business should be left behind and that is why my role on your entrepreneurial journey is to be your collaborative advisor.

Focus on the Advisement for
Two Target Markets:

  • Service-Based Micro-Businesses & Solopreneurs
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Preparation Solo-Practitioners



Discovery Session – Free 30 Minute Assessment to explore your needs & goals. Please visit my contact page to get started.

Consulting Session – One-on-One virtual session at $200/hr or $300 flat fee, based on average session time between 60-100 minutes. For small group training, each additional team member is $50 flat fee, up to 3 members in the same meeting.

All sessions are recorded and provided for your future use. On the morning of your session, you will receive an e-mail with the information you need to log in. We meet, we discover and we get your questions answered.

MasterYourBooks: Comprehensive, 10+hour small business financial bootcamp and virtual learning opportunities with like-minded business owners.
Refer to website for more details.

For those self-learners and returning fans, my digital products library is currently being built with templates, checklists and on-demand webinars to strengthen your financial, entrepreneurial and technology skill set at your own pace. Coming soon…

For Spanish content creation, please visit our Entrepreneur’s E-learning Platform at

My consulting topics includes

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Small business financial literacy
  • Small business financial management
  • Individual/small business taxation
  • Accounting technologies & cloud applications
  • Intuit cloud-based accounting & tax preparation solutions
  • Industry-specific accounting techniques
  • Workflow & collaboration tools
  • Social media marketing techniques