Form 1099s are DUE to Recipients by January 31, 2014. FREE tax forms while supplies last!

To make sure you are in compliance with the current tax law, Form 1099’s are due to Recipients by January 31, 2014 AND you must File Copy A of the Form 1099s along with Form 1096 with the IRS by February 28, 2014.

If you are located near Ontario, Ca, I provide Form 1099 Misc & Form W2/W3 at no cost from my office while supplies last; if you would like these forms mailed, please mail a pre-addressed envelope with postage to the mailing address on my website and advise on how many forms you are requiring.

5 Easy Steps to get your Form 1099 Info in order

  1. Verify which non-employees (i.e. Independent Contractors) you have paid a minimum of $600 in 2013.  If you have QuickBooks, use the “1099 Wizard” to populate this information for you.
  2. Make a simple list with each contractor’s name, address and federal identification number (social security # or EIN #)
  3. If you do NOT have contractor’s information (step2), request that he/she completes Form W-9.
  4. Acquire 1099-MISC forms EARLY- You can purchase these forms at most office supplies stores or order them FREE of charge from IRS website.
  5. AVOID PAYING PENALTIES – Penalties for failing to file Form 1099 MISC were sharply increased as of 2011, ranging from $15 to $50 per form not filed or incorrectly filed. Prepare yourself early to avoid unnecessary penalties!

If you will be preparing these Form 1099s in QuickBooks, I have located a detailed YouTube video that may be helpful to watch: Preparing Form 1099s in QuickBooks



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