VOTE on November 8th or SOONER~Your Voice WILL Make a Difference! #JustShowUp

It’s time to get prepared to Make A Difference!

There are several things you can do to make sure you are prepared for election day.  Let’s create a short checklist and share some helpful resources.  I will be referring to California voter resources & deadlines in this article however, your state should have similar ones on their respective state websites.


  • Take your State Photo ID just in case: If your name does not appear on the list of voters at the polling place but you are positive you did register to vote, you will be provided a provisional ballot which requires a photo identification.
  • Awesome UNBIASED websites with helpful resources and Voter’s FAQs:


There are NO EXCUSES for not voting.  Voting is YOUR VOICE and OUR CIVIL DUTY. Our ancestors, both men and women, fought hard to win us this right. Now it’s our chance to Make A Difference!

Now, if you have 5 more minutes, watch this cool explanation on how the Presidential Electoral College works.

And for my “listen while you work” followers, this HBO Special on Hispanics in America Sharing Why Voting Matters is definitely worth watching!


#LatinosStrongerTogether #JuntosAdelante #SiSePuede

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