The Top 14 QuickBooks Blogs to Read in 2018

This year, we’re thinking a lot about QuickBooks, and that’s not just to do with our exciting, upcoming acquisition by Intuit. We love checking out content written by our partners, so we thought it was high time we shared a few of our favorite QuickBooks blogs with you!

We have some exceptional accounting partners who, in between helping clients and meeting deadlines, put out their own educational and inspirational content. These are people who write regularly, sharing their insights with and guiding everyone from business owners to bookkeepers and accounting professionals.

They’re making their mark on the small business industry through articles that focus on improving business processes, meeting clients’ needs, creating an awesome culture, and getting the most out of technology like QuickBooks or TSheets!

Here are our top 14 blogs ranked for their respective audiences by domain authority. Did we miss any you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Blogs for Business Owners

  1. Nerd Enterprises by Seth David

    This was a tough one because Seth David’s blog could top both categories. Still, we put him here because in between all his seriously awesome QuickBooks tips are some great articles on subjects every business owner will find interesting.

    Take, for instance, this post on how to create an engaging video using Camtasia. Or this review on Evernote Moleskine Notebooks. A prime example is Seth’s most-shared post — this instructional vlog for accountants that will show you how transitioning from an hourly rate to a flat monthly or yearly rate can make you more profitable and keep you from undervaluing the work you do.

  2. by Bill Gerber

    Are you guilty of the 7 deadly sins of bookkeeping?
    This is another blog stuffed to the brim with valuable content geared toward business owners. Each post aims to solve a problem or answer a question, with titles like “Are Outsourced Accounting Services a Threat to Local CPAs?” and “First-Time Contractor’s Guide to Avoiding Common Deficiencies.”

    One of the best parts is how well organized this blog is. The Topics list on the right-hand side assists in navigation, allowing readers to narrow down their search and find just what they’re looking for. The blog also features whitepapers, like this most-shared piece on the seven deadly sins of bookkeeping.

  3. GrowthForce by Stephen King

    4 reasons your small business is ready to outsource the bookkeeping
    No, not the Stephen King, though this guy’s blog is pretty thrilling. As any business owner knows, money and business go hand in hand. The best part about Stephen’s blog is every post surrounds those two topics and offers valuable solutions to everyday problems.

    Wondering if it’s time for your small business to outsource its bookkeeping? There’s a blog about that. Need a resource that explains the difference between a budget and a forecast? There’s a blog about that. King’s most-shared blog has been his post on the seven drivers of cash flow, and it’s one you should absolutely check out here.

  4. Training in a Box by Christine Galli

    Christine Galli has some amazing powerhouse blogs that lay out a great deal of information in the briefest format possible (for example, see her most-shared post revealing her favorite value pricing resources).

    Many of her blogs bring up issues important to accountants and business owners alike. Issues like fraud and how to jump-start your social media presence. Best of all, Christine’s posts often read like a friendly sit-down between friends, which makes browsing her content over lunch even more fun.

  5. Two Roads by Natalie Aldredge

    Natalie Aldredge’s blog packs a heavy value punch. She writes on a range of topics, including how to fight off imposter syndrome and how to build a financial strategy in 20 minutes. Her blog is a great read for busy professionals looking for inspiration between meetings. Don’t know where to start? Be sure to check out Natalie’s two-blog series, Bookkeeper versus Accountant (part one here and part two here).

  6. Resources by Mariette Martinez

    Mariette Martinez is passionate about helping small businesses succeed. Her blog is a great tool for any new business owner looking to take their accounting to the next level. Whether you’re hoping to avoid penalties on those yearly bonus checks or trying to figure out if you have to pay the $800 California Minimum Franchise Tax, Mariette has several posts to help you better understand your finances in 2018.

The Best Blogs for Accountants and Bookkeepers

  1. QuickBooks for Contractors by Nancy Smyth

    In a word, Nancy Smyth’s blog is relatable. She writes with a voice that’s casual and personable — a major boon in an industry often plagued by confusing accounting jargon. She’s on a mission to help contractors and bookkeepers in the construction business, and she’s got a whole site worth of posts and resources to share!

    If you’ve been wondering how to bridge the gap between a homemade payroll system and payroll using QuickBooks, you’ll love Nancy’s quick tips and tricks. Have questions about the software and suspect you’re not alone? Check out Nancy’s answers to her readers’ most pressing QuickBooks questions.

  2. Hector’s QuickBooks Tips by Hector Garcia

    If you’re looking for a blog entirely centered around QuickBooks that will examine the technology from every angle, you’ve come to the right place! Hector Garcia’s blog follows all things QuickBooks, from “The Top 5 Reasons Right Networks Customers Cloud-Enable Their QuickBooks Desktop” to “Mastering QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds.” Hector’s most-shared blog is his ongoing list of features he’d like to see on QuickBooks Desktop 2019. Be sure to check it out, and if you can think of any he’s missed, let him know!

  3. Better Bottom Line by Scott Gregory

    Oftentimes, the best bloggers are the ones who not only have experience with a product in its present form but who can reflect on past versions. Scott Gregory does just that with his Better Bottom Line blog, centered around QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

    The best part? He’s been an expert in the field for a while. Use the navigation menu on the right side of the screen to sort by subject, and you’ll notice Scott has posts labeled QuickBooks 2014 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Whether you’re running an older version of the software or just looking for a reminder of what used to be, this is a great place to find resources and tips for common problems.

  4. ebs Associates by Denise Loter-Koch

    See the infographic

    QuickBooks has so many features, with more and more coming out all the time. Denise Loter-Koch keeps track of all these and more in her ebs Associates blog geared toward accountants! Whether you’re looking for a quick webinar clip or a helpful infographic checklist to make your life easier, Denise’s blog has a number of posts you’ll want to check out this year.

  5. Build Your Numbers by Diane Gilson

    If thorough, long-form content is your wheelhouse, you won’t want to miss Diane Gilson’s Build Your Numbers blog. Following a variety of topics, from QuickBooks job costing to profitability in construction, Diane takes her readers through some truly complex subjects, broken down into easy-to-digest sections.

    Her most-shared blog, “QuickBooks Online Versus QuickBooks Pro or Premier,” compares the two programs and walks readers through the differences between the many QuickBooks versions. Diane finishes the article with a robust Q&A section and a guide for determining your potential annual cost with both programs.

  6. VARC Newsletter by Erin Riley

    Find out how they can prevent problems with your finances.

    If you’re a QuickBooks user and haven’t yet checked out the VARC Newsletter, you absolutely need to jump on this bandwagon — and we’re not just saying that because she recommends TSheets as the best time tracking solution out there.

    This blog is jam-packed with helpful information. Unsure how to interact with QuickBooks’ vendor records? Need to set up some reminders to ensure all your payroll tasks get done on time? Erin’s blog has all the answers you need and more!

  7. Squire QuickBooks Advantage by Chris Miller

    It’s a common saying: You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why it’s so important to check out blogs like this one by Chris Miller. Chris is here to teach you everything you need to maximize your QuickBooks experience. From keeping your data safe to using your QuickBooks mobile app, Chris’s blog covers a range of topics related to QuickBooks technology.

  8. Satterley Training and Consulting by Heather Satterley

    Heather Satterley isn’t just a great blogger. She’s also a Top QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, which means she knows what she’s talking about! Heather’s blog is a great resource for business owners and accountants looking to stay on top of their QuickBooks investment. Learn how to set up and track prepaid session sales or how to scale your QuickBooks Online Bookmarks. Whatever you need to know, Heather has a blog with the answers!

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