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Am I Self-Employed or Small Business Owner? What the Heck Am I?

With the tremendous growth of the “gig economy”, “temp on demand work” and/or “contingent work” (all the same thing but using very confusing words), we should ALL be asking ourselves this same question: Am […]

Camino Financial is Live On the Radio

Tune in On KHTS 1220AM Santa Clarita What is Camino’s “CREDIT ASSESSMENT REPORT” and Why Does Your Business Need One When reviewing borrowers, Lenders analyze credit risks in your business and personal history to […]

Small Business of the Week – Camino Financial

Camino Financial – Paving the Way for Small Business Financial Solutions   This company provides access to small business financing up to $350,000 in the form of term loans, SBA loans and merchant cash […]

Make A Difference for the Small Business

From mom & pop restaurants to high-tech startups, there is no doubt that America’s small businesses are the engine of our economy and one of our country’s greatest assets. “Small Businesses have always formed […]