QuickBooks Period Copy

The “Period Copy” (aka condense feature) allows QuickBooks users to create a copy of QuickBooks data for a specific period of time.

Previously, there had been no efficient capability to block access to unrelated/ non-requested transactions outside the period of interest under investigation or requested by a 3rd party. The common solution to extrapolate the information for a designated time frame was to recreate the entire file just for that particular period.  This exercise could take several hours in addition to being fairly expensive for the business.  Well, there is no longer a need to recreate the wheel, businesses can now utilize Period Copy.

Below are 3 instances when this feature will be useful:

  1. IRS Audit Request – please review the IRS webpage on FAQs on this subject.  To view, click here.
  2. Request from Attorney or other 3rd Party due to divorce or other legal dispute
  3. QuickBooks datafile is becoming too large and reaching its limitations for list items and transactions

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