Quickbooks Online Classic is Now The New QBO

Important News Update Regarding Your Automatic Transition to the New QBO


In the next few days, most if not ALL of QuickBooks Online Classic users (i.e. “the old QBO”) will be transitioned to the “NEW” QBO platform. This transition is NOT optional – all QBO companies will be on the NEW QBO very soon.

The GREAT news is that there are an abundance of resources to help you with this transition, however you may not have been exposed to these yet, that’s where I come in!  Below are my favorite videos in addition to resources to get you started:

Helpful Tools for QBO Transition

QuickBooks Experts Blogs

QuickBooks Experts You Tube Channels

LinkedIn Group

  • Successful QuickBooks Consultants QB Online QBO Cloud Connect Accountant CPA Bookkeeping Accounting

These are a few resources but there are tons available online!

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