Mark J.

After only one initial consultation, I am more than impressed with Mariette – I am grateful. After struggling with QuickBooks on my own for a year and getting the runaround from my previous bookkeeper, she is a godsend. In one meeting, she asked (and listened!) about the structure of my company, what I wanted and expected from her, and helped me understand QuickBooks’ full capabilities.

Her mastery of QuickBooks and advice on financial software downloads is everything I have been wanting since taking my bookkeeping digital. She not only helped me correct mistakes I made in QuickBooks, but identified mistakes made in the previous year’s tax return. After a single meeting, I am looking forward to a long and successful business relationship in helping me fully understand and take control of my bookkeeping while offering sound advice in running an incorporated business. My wife and I feel extremely confident in her knowledge and skill! Thank you, Mariette!