Working and conducting business in a constantly changing tax legislation could be a real challenge today. Therefore, engaging with qualified tax professionals who demonstrate strong knowledge of the complex tax code allow our individual and business clients to stay compliant with their tax reporting in addition to minimizing their tax liabilities.

We are in Business, to Keep You Tax Compliant!

Mariette Felicie Martinez, EA employs highly-skilled tax practitioners who provide tax preparation services for both individuals and businesses nationwide, based on our interpretation of the current government tax laws, regulations, rulings, and judicial precedents. Our technical expertise, federal & multi-state experience and continuous research of tax law changes allow us to identify tax strategies and incentives that apply to your specific situation.

Individual Taxation with specialization in:

  • Self-employed/Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C Profit & Loss for Business)
  • Rental Real Estate (Schedule E)
  • Flow thru income or loss from Partnerships and S Corporations
  • Strategic Tax Planning & Tax Preparation for high net-worth individuals

Business Taxation:

  • Partnership & Limited Liability Company with less than 250K Gross Receipts
  • Quarterly Payroll Taxes
  • Quarterly Estimated Taxes
  • Business Income Projections
  • Assistance with Business Entity Structures