We competitively offer a simple fee range of $250 to $500 for most personal tax returns.
You will be provided with your personalized estimated tax preparation fee before tax preparation begins. The estimated fee will depend on the amount of time required to accurately and comprehensively prepare your tax returns based on our initial tax assessment call/email. Your fees will need to be agreed upon before the clock starts. If the amount of time required increases based on additional information not discussed during the tax assessment, you will be advised of the increase in fees which will need to be agreed upon before moving forward with tax preparation.

For your convenience, examples of tax return pricing for common tax situations are shown below.

Sample Tax Return Preparation Average Price
Ex 1: 1040 Simple

W2 Income only, no dependents. Assume Federal and 1 State for all below tax situations.

$175 – 200
Ex 2: 1040 with Dependents & Standard Deduction

W2 Income. Interest/Dividend Income. Childcare expenses. Education expenses. Earned Income Credit. Federal and 1 State.

$225 – 275
Ex 3: LONG 1040 w/ Additional Income & Itemized Deductions

Income from Wages, Interest/Dividend, Unemployment, Pension, Social Security. Itemized Deductions. Unreimbursed employee expenses. Childcare expenses. Education expenses.

$300 – 400
Ex 4:  LONG 1040 w/ Stock Sales

All facts same as example 3. Include Stock Sales & assume less than 10 transactions for investor NOT trader.

$300 – 450
Ex 5: LONG 1040 w/ Rental property

All facts same as example 3. Assume single rental property.

$300 – 500
Ex 6: LONG 1040 w/ Small Business (Schedule C)

All facts same as example 3. Assume income/expenses from 1 Small Business. Pricing will vary according to complexity of the return, proper recordkeeping & bookkeeping assistance required.

Low $400

Average $500 – $800

High $800 – $1,200

Additional items that may increase fees
Multiple tax situations:

If your tax situation includes a combination of the above examples

Significant changes from initial tax assessment:

If you provide significant changes or additional tax documents after tax assessment period

Bookkeeping required for Small Business Tax Return Preparation:

QuickBooks/ accounting software training and/or reconstructing of income/expenses. Training on Small Business Tax Return templates. Average billing between $50-75/per hour.