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VOTE on November 8th or SOONER~Your Voice WILL Make a Difference! #JustShowUp

It’s time to get prepared to Make A Difference! There are several things you can do to make sure you are prepared for election day.  Let’s create a short checklist and share some helpful resources. […]

#QBConnect Changed My Life – Let It Change Yours

With QuickBooks Connect 2016 (visit Seth’s #QBConnect page for up-to-the-second countdown) right around the corner, many of you may be “on the fence” to attend or not. Trust me, I am with you.  I […]

Form 1099s are DUE to Recipients by January 31, 2014. FREE tax forms while supplies last!

To make sure you are in compliance with the current tax law, Form 1099’s are due to Recipients by January 31, 2014 AND you must File Copy A of the Form 1099s along with […]

Important Tax Documents to Look Out For – Your Tax Appointment Checklist

  Keep this list handy for the next few weeks to make certain you have collected all the tax documents you need to prepare your taxes. Click on the links to see what each […]

QuickBooks Period Copy

The “Period Copy” (aka condense feature) allows QuickBooks users to create a copy of QuickBooks data for a specific period of time. Previously, there had been no efficient capability to block access to unrelated/ […]

Hire Your Kids and Save on Payroll & Income Taxes

Do you operate your business as a sole proprietorship or a single-member LLC? Do your under-age-18 children help you in your business? Did you pay them for their work? If your answers to the […]

Make A Difference for the Small Business

From mom & pop restaurants to high-tech startups, there is no doubt that America’s small businesses are the engine of our economy and one of our country’s greatest assets. “Small Businesses have always formed […]