Tax Season Checklist with a Holiday Twist!

Enjoy a Holiday Message From Your Friendly Tax Professional

Your personalized tax return checklist will be arriving in early January.  If your contact information has changed, please advise. Looking forward to speaking to you all soon!

Important Tax Documents

The 2015 Tax Season is less than a month away and your tax forms will be arriving very soon. Below is a list of tax documents WITH DIRECT LINKS TO FORMS that you should be receiving by Jan 31, 2015.

  • Wage Earners – W2(s)
  • Interest Income – 1099 INT
  • Dividend Income – 1099 DIV
  • Proceeds from Sale of stocks, bonds, etc.- 1099 B
  • State refunds or Unemployment compensation- 1099G
  • IRA or Retirement plan payment- 1099 R
  • Social Security Benefits – SSA 1099
  • Investment in Partnership or SCorp – Schedule K-1
  • Proceeds from Real Estate transaction – 1099S
  • Business Income – 1099 MISC
  • Mortgage Interest & Points paid – 1098
  • Tuition Payments Statement – 1098-T
  • Student Loan Interest   – 1098-E
  • IRA Contribution – 5498


Below are items that may be on your “to do” list along with tax documents that will be received by mail or electronically.

  • Alimony Paid or Received – bank deposits/checks/divorce decree
  • Child Care Expenses–  providers contact info,  tax id# and amount paid
  • Real Estate Property Taxes – Annual county tax bill
  • Higher Education Expenses – books, supplies, required school related expenses
  • Solar Energy Improvements –  proof of purchase
  • Qualify to Itemize Deductions  – check out my tax prep template Schedule A on my website SCHEDULE A ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS  & OTHER PERSONAL EXPENSES